Welcome to Iocane’s Learning Gateway

We know you have invested heavily in selecting the right school to meet your child’s learning needs. Accessibility to technology is vital and your school has partnered with Iocane, one of South Australia’s leading ICT solution providers, to carefully plan and integrate a successful one-to-one digital education program.

Iocane has worked closely with your school to find the right technology solution to meet your school’s curriculum requirements, providing a platform for every student to access technology and engage with it in their learning.

With guidance from Iocane your school has created a program that will help your child to:

  • use technology to learn in safe, creative environment
  • directly access secure digital learning tools
  • develop their technological skills and knowledge
  • be better equipped to excel in today’s digital world

Iocane’s Learning Gateway will take the hassle out of selecting the right technology for your child.